Eating Patterns in Coeliac Disease

The need for daily, dietary management may put individuals with Coeliac Disease at risk for disordered eating practices. Our current research is looking into the relationship between disordered eating and Coeliac Disease.

After conducting a series of questionnaires in individuals with Coeliac Disease, we found that disordered eating was greater in this group compared to people without Coeliac Disease. Our results suggested that there are three types of people with Coeliac Disease: the majority of people manage to cope with their gluten-free diet well and display typical eating practices, a smaller group of people are very distressed about their Coeliac Disease and cope with this by indulging in gluten-free foods, the last group find it difficult to manage their gluten free diet, experience a lot of gastrointestinal symptoms and display a restrictive eating pattern.

We recognise that the majority of individuals with Coeliac Disease will not develop disordered eating patterns. However, it is important to understand the nature of disordered eating practices within this group, how they may relate to dietary self-care and how they may be detected in clinical practice.

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